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Hello everyone.

In my first video I would like to introduce you to three different variations of the serve.

1.serve flat and fast through the middle from the deuce side.
2.serve slice out a little slower from the deuce side.
3.serve kick out from the advantage side.

These variations were recorded by me as a right-hander for right-handers.

For left-handers it applies almost the other way round:

1.serve flat and fast from the advantage side.2. serve slice out a little slower from the advantage side. 3. serve kick out from the deuce side. Have fun watching and practicing!

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About the Trainer

Oscar Otte

My name is Oscar Otte and I am a tennis pro.
I have been playing tennis since I was little and had the great privilege to turn my hobby into my dream job.
I would like to share my passion and my accumulated knowledge over many years with you.

Enjoy my videos.

Yours Oscar.

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